The Problem


Art is more than beauty, but a form of store of value. There have been more and more people who invest in art pieces. Apart from the original art value, the art pieces value can be appreciated as time passes. To achieve value appreciation, traceable provenance is greatly important.


The art value depends on the authenticity. Without transparent information, forgery is highly possible. It is believed as much as 30% of all art sales are believed to involve forged pieces. The Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2017 lists ‘authenticity, lack of provenance, forgery, and attribution’ as ‘the greatest threat to the reputation of the art market’.


The booming development of online shopping hasn’t reached the art market, which the lack of transparency surrounding both art condition and pricing is a key issue. As long as the reliability of the authenticity of a piece is not proved with credibility, the growth of online art market is difficult to meet.

The Solution & Platform uses the Blockchain technology to authenticate art by proving chain-of-ownership. Blockchain is a database that cannot be modified and therefore can be used to generate digital certificates of authenticity that cannot be forged. does not charge any fees to register an art piece. We will register your art pieces for you, and facilitate the transfer of the digital certificate of authenticity when a piece is sold to a collector. No information is stored or even known about collectors other than their anonymous blockchain address displayed in the chain of ownership. Collectors remain completely anonymous while proving their art piece is authentic.

How it works

Register the Art piece on the blockchain through Chain4Art Platform

Chain4Art provides  API/plugins to the third party for tracking & authentication of an art piece.

The third party companies update and record the art piece transaction information into the digital ledger

Provide complete provenance for every piece of art on the Chain4Art platform



Digital certificates stored on the blockchain provide complete provenance for every piece of art on the Chain4Art platform.


The Chain4Art Platform uses a rating system to encourage transparency, set buyer and seller standards and drive confidence


Chain4Art provides API/Plugins/Widgets to third parties for tracking & authentication of art pieces.


Chain4Art provides Payment Gateway to third parties for fulfilling payment by C4A Token.


Came up with the Chain4Art idea

Q3 2018

Developing C4A coin

Q4 2018

Accomplished the platform website

Q4 2018

Started to form partnership network

Q1 2019

Developed API and plug in for third party websites

Q1 2019

Launch the Chain4Art Standard Scheme

Q2 2019

Started to expand the service to cover luxury products

Q2 2019

Started to create the Report and Reward System

Q2 2019

Build C4A payment gateway and related API & plug in

Q3 2019

Start C4A payment gateway promotion

Q3 2019